Pink Knit & Converse Sneakers

Pink Knit Sweater, Converse Dainty Sneakers, Blush Pink Watch, Status Anxiety Clutch, Garage Boyfriend Jeans, Spring Fashion, Flat Lay


Simons Pink Knit – Similar Here

Garage Clothing Boyfriend Jeans – Here

Status Anxiety Clutch – Here

Converse Dainty Sneakers – Here

Caseapp Phone Case – Here

ZEIT Pink Watch – Here

Going casual cute on this beautiful spring day by wearing this cozy Pink Knit Sweater and a comfy pair of Garage Boyfriend Jeans. I styled this outfit with a pair of classic Dainty Converse Sneakers, a simple Crocodile Clutch from Status Anxiety and this adorable Blush Pink Watch from ZEIT ( find a DISCOUNT CODE on my latest Instagram Post! )

Happy Weekend!
Joy xx.

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Metallic Sneakers + Naturalizer BFF SALE!!!!

Metallic Sneakers + Naturalizer BFF SALE!Best Friends, Spring Fashion, Blue Jeans, Metallic Sneakers

Spring Outfits, Spring Fashion

I’m Wearing

Aritzia Turtleneck – Here / Similar Here

Bedazzled Jeans c/o Mavi – Here

Naturalizer Morrison in Silver Sueded Leather* – Here

Emily is Wearing

Brandy Melville Sweatshirt – Similar Here

Zara Jacket – Similar Here

American Apparel Jeans – Similar Here

Naturalizer Morrison in Silver Sueded Leather* – Here

Best friend or sister? More like both! Me and Emily have been together since grade 6 ( and truth be told we really didn’t like each other at first! Funny right? ) now, even though we don’t see each often because of our busy schedules we always pick up right where we left off! As if no time has passed! Do you have a friend like that? If so then you should both take advantage of the Naturalizer BFF Sale that starts today and runs till March 27 in stores and online. Me and Emily are styling the Naturalizer Morrison Sneakers in the Silver Sueded Leather, because nothing screams best friend for life like a pair of matching sneakers and co-ordinated outfits! Don’t forget to post a picture of you and your best friend on Instagram using the hashtag #shoesquadgoals, I would love to see you all rock your Naturalizer Shoes! And BONUS use the DISCOUNT CODE “NATBFF17” for 30% off!

Happy Shopping!

Joy xx.

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Pink Bomber Jack & Embroidered Denim Jeans

Pink Bomber Jacket, Embroidered Boyfriend Jeans, White Adidas SuperstarsSpring Fashion, Blush Pink Bomber Jacket, White Knit, Boyfriend Jeans, Adidas Superstars

blush pink bomber jacket, boyfriend jeans, white sneakers


Pink Bomber Jacket c/o Garage Clothing – Here

White Cable Knit Sweater – Similar Here

Embroidered Jeans – Here

Adidas Superstars – Here

What can I say, spring brings the girly-girl out in me! I was caught not only wearing pink but also floral print! Gasp! Who am I?! Of course this self proclaimed tom-boy had to add on a pair of Adidas Superstars, I mean are you really surprised

Happy Monday!

Joy xx.

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Casual, Cozy & Cold Monday Mornings

calvin klein sweatshirt, hieleven bucket bag, adidas superstars, white sneakers, flatlay


Calvin Klein Jeans Sweatshirt – Similar Here

Garage Clothing Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – Similar Here

All White Adidas Superstars – Here

Hieleven Bucket Bag – Here

Kapten & Son Watch – Here

Marble Phone Case – Similar Here

Good morning and happy new week everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Unfortunately mine was spent finishing up a history assignment that I left till the last minute ( #procrastinator ) and studying while sitting in my pajamas watching the snow fall ( yes that’s right. SNOW ) but it’s the beginning of a new week, the start of new adventures and new opportunities!

Today I decided to keep it casual and cozy with my favorite Grey Sweatshirt from Calvin Klein Jeans and a pair of Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. I added on my All White Adidas Superstars ( of course ) and my hold-everything Hieleven Bucket Bag, completing the outfit with a simple Grey Watch from Kapten & Son and a pair of glasses ( or else I would be walking around blind )

Happy Monday!

Joy xx.

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood

Garage Clothing Lace Up Sweatshirt


Lace Up Sweatshirt c/o Garage – Here

Good Morning sweethearts! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Today I wanted to post something a little different, if you have been a reader of my blog for some time now you know that I used to incorporate health/wellness into my weekly posts and I kinda miss them! So today we are starting simple with just 5 Simple Ways to Boost your Mood!

This time of year can be extremely hard: exams are coming up, the winter blues are seriously setting in and you are already wondering how it is already the 3rd month of 2017 and you haven’t really accomplished any of your New Years resolutions yet…Well no worries, because these tips are sure to put a smile on your face!

Tip # 1 Go off of social media

Probably the hardest, yet the simplest tip I have on this list. We are a generation attached to our phones, and sometimes it can become to much. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Insta-fam and am just so thankful for every single one of you, but sometimes the simple act of logging off and putting down your phone can do wonders for your mood!

Tip #2 Eat Some Happy Foods

Weird I know, but there are some foods that have been proven to improve one’s mood because they increase the levels of Serotonin and other happy hormones in your brain. Try eating some Popcorn, Salmon, Dark Chocolate or Bananas for a simple mood boost!

Tip #3 Go Outside

This tip strongly relates to tip #1, but I find that by removing myself from what is frustrating me instantly puts me in a better mood. So take your dog for a walk,  go for a coffee run or maybe do a little bit of shopping. Anything to take your mind off whatever is bothering you!

Tip #4 Do Something for Someone Else

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Joey and Phoebe argue if there is in fact a selfless deed because you always feel better about yourself after? Well Joey is right in this sense, you always feel happier helping someone else. So go and volunteer at an retirement home or a Humane Society, cook dinner for you Grandparents, or simply go to the local park and pick up some trash. It’s the little things that will make the biggest difference!

Tip #5 Watch a Mood-Booster

Tip #5 relates to tip #4, watch a TV show or a Movie that you know will put a smile on your face and make you forget about your problems. My favorites are Friends, Corner Gas, The Pink Panther and Morning Glory! These are all great things to watch when you are in a little bit of a slump!

I hope that these little tips were useful, and today I am wishing you all an amazing day :)

Joy xx.

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