So I am back to posting on Wednesdays! I’m going to try this once again, but it is difficult for me to find the time to post during the middle of the week because of school etc.


A little back alley art I came across when I was driving around town. It’s crazy how such big murals such as this can be hidden from sight! It just goes to show what you can see when you decide to look around. On Saturday I went to the local farmers market with my family, it’s a very cute little thing that has local organic food and little nick knacks, it’s a typical farmers market but I love the upbeat atmosphere and the smell of all that food!






DSCN6440A Sketch of Oxford, England I did in the morning


DSCN6427My favourite girls Mocha and Tiia! I haven’t posted in a while about them but they are doing great :)

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check my instagram @denimjoy_ and check in on Saturday for my outfits of this week :) Have a great week!!

Joy x


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