This is just a little look into my new sketchbook, I started it about a week ago! I like to draw realistically in ink and pencil crayon, I usually try to draw once a day (the numbers on the pages for each drawing a day) but that doesn’t always happen :P  My sketchbook is a Moleskine Hardcover sketchbook (Chapters $25). It is the perfect size for me because I draw pretty tiny, and its the perfect size to bring with you places because it can fit in almost every bag! Art is one of my passions, along with fashion and many other things, so I think I will share more of my artwork on my blog!

A little side note is that I won’t be posting on Wednesday anymore, its just to difficult to find that sort of time in the middle of the week, I hope you understand! My plan is to now post lifestyle posts on Fridays and my outfits will still be posted on Saturdays! So check in tomorrow for my outfits from this past week :)

Joy x.


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