summer sketches6

summer sketches1

(Bacon’s Castle & Spiral Stair Case)

summer sketches4

(Homewood House & Anemone Coronaria)

summer sketches3

(Volkswagen Camper, Vintage Traffic Light & Vintage Camera)

summer sketches2


summer sketches5

(Tower Bridge, London, England)

Happy Sunday everyone! I wanted to share some of my recent art work that has been keeping me busy over the last few weeks. As I am now fully into summer (yay!) my drawings have kept the boring days busy!

Here I have created 5 drawings for my room all situated around architecture & nature. Two things that really inspire my personal style & something that we are surrounded by in our everyday life.

The architecture I have chosen to draw are beautiful buildings with a distinct history behind them. I truly wish I lived in a city so full of history and beauty….maybe one day.

The flowers chosen match the buildings & they are also some of my favourite flowers. I enjoy drawing flowers with intricate petal arrangements and designs as they become a challenge to draw, so logically I drew the Peony and the Anemone Coronaria.

This will be a 3 part series I will be completing in the coming weeks! So stay tuned for upcoming art work!

If you wish to see more work in progress or more everyday outfits follow me on Instagram @denimjoy_

Joy xx.

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