caped blouse3

caped blouse2

caped blouse6


caped blouse8


caped blouse13

caped blouse10

(wearing Oak+Fort Caped Blouse, Garage Clothing Jogging Shorts, Chinese Laundry Heeled Sandals & Urban Outfitters Sunglasses)

One of the things I look for when shopping for clothes are simple pieces that can make a statement & this blouse definitely makes a statement because of the dramatic cape that follows you as you walk (you can’t help but feel important as it blows in the wind). I styled this blouse with a pair of jogging shorts to showcase the length of the shirt & added the heels to add a little bit of sophistication to the simplicity of the outfit.

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I hope all of my fellow Canadians are having a wonderful long weekend :) and to all other viewers I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend & a great week :)

Joy xx.



6 thoughts on “The Caped Blouse

  1. I love this look so much. I would never have thought to pair the caped top with the jogger shorts, or the shorts with the heels, but it all works so amazingly well together, adding a sporty edge to a classy outfit! Really adore this look, great photos <3

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