Good Morning &  happy 1st of September everyone! It’s been awhile since I have done a proper Coffee Chat post so I decided to do one today & explain what will be happening with my blog from now on.

I’m starting school back up this week & my schedule is very different from last years, so I am not quite sure how often I will be able to blog this semester. Currently I am thinking I will blog Saturday, Sunday, Monday, but don’t worry! I will continue to use my Instagram every day! So follow me if you wish to see more frequent updates & more outfit of the days!

This coming week is crazy busy as it is the start of school & as you most likely know the start of a new semester is stressful & hectic! So please be patient with me this week & the weeks to come, I will try my hardest to keep my blog & school life organized. (I even bought a planner ;) )

Thank you for your understanding & good luck to everyone who is starting up school again!

Joy xx.

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