The Easy, Everyday Breakfast

school breakfast2

school breakfast3

Weekday mornings can sometimes be very hectic & busy that we often forget to enjoy a nice, healthy breakfast. Here I am sharing with you guys a fast & easy breakfast that I eat basically everyday! It’s really simple & nothing special but it very tasty, filling & fast to make!

I simply take about 1/2 cup of my granola (see granola recipe in previous post) & cut up an apple or banana ( these are my favourite breakfast fruits but you can use really anything!) place it on top, add some cinnamon & milk of your choice (I use soy milk) and there you have it. Simple right?! You can even add a nut butter or some seeds to add some extra protein to really kick start your day!

I hope you found this post helpful! One of my favourite past times is looking at food posts for inspiration, so I hope that you enjoyed this post & found it helpful! Have a wonderful (and healthy) Monday! :)

Joy xx.

Granola Recipe:

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