Summer Vibes

summer vibes2

summer vibes3

summer vibes4

summer vibes5

( American Eagle Blouse Here / Garage Clothing Boyfriend Jeans Here / Aritzia WIlfred Christy Cross-Body Bag Here / American Eagle Sandals Similar Here )

What comes to your mind when you hear the word summer? I think of relaxed weekends, sipping iced coffee outdoors and strolling around the local farmer’s market. Summer is full of slow mornings and chill afternoons.

Joy xx.

2 thoughts on “Summer Vibes

  1. Babe! I’m loving the simplicity and casual vibe of this post. Summer is such a relaxing time. When I think of Summer, I’m very similar to you! I think of slow mornings (very slow hehe) and very chill afternoons :) I’m especially loving this cross body bag from Ariztia!! One of my favorite stores!
    xx Cara

    1. Thanks sweetheart! Summer is definitly my favourite time of year, a time to just relax and enjoy life! And as you know I am so obsessed with everything Aritzia ;)

      Joy xx.

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