Lace Shorts & A Knit Sweater

lace&knits7The sun is rising later, the winds are becoming worse and the weather is getting cooler. Fall is coming people and I have mixed feelings about that fact. On the one hand I am 100% a summer girl, preferring the sun sunshine and hot weather, but on the other hand…I do own a lot of knit sweaters, and they have been collecting dust in the back of my closet for a little while now. So although I hate to say goodbye to my shorts and sandals, I am happy to say hello to my knits and scarves.lace&knits2lace&knits1lace&knits6lace&knits4

( Aritzia Talula Maywood Shorts On Sale Here / H&M Knit Similar Here / Simons Tote Here / Double-Up White Keds Here )

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead

Joy xx.

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