Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



Mix of Frozen & Fresh Strawberries topped with Mixed Nuts/Seeds & an [un-pictured] Soy Latte

As most of you know from my past Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner posts ( Here, Here & Here ), I usually start my day off with a nice big bowl of oats ( Recipe Here ). However I felt like changing it up a bit on this day. I did not have a lot of fresh fruit in the house so I simple took some frozen pineapple & frozen raspberries & mixed it with some fresh strawberries. I then topped it all off with some mixed nuts & seeds for some added protein and healthy fats and of course enjoyed this bowl of goodness with my latest obsession: a soy latte.


  1. The fruit provides a quick-to-digest source of energy as they are full of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are what your body uses initially as energy (not protein), so don’t be afraid of them!
  2. The nuts/seeds provide a dose of protein, which is important to many basic bodily functions and a great source of healthy fats. Fats are essential in the diet as many vitamins (the fat-soluble A, D, E & K) rely on fats to transport them throughout the body. The important thing to always remember is to consume healthy fats ( nuts, seeds, avocado etc ) and not the unhealthy, processed, hydrogenated fats found in many processed foods.
Romaine Lettuce & Mixed Greens topped with Brown Rice, Green Beans, Pumpkin Seeds & Avocado
I like to call meals like this a “sushi” bowl, it is basically where I just throw a bunch of greens in a bowl and then top it off with some rice and whatever vegetables I have lying around. Of course the best part of the meal is the avocado, because avocados go with everything!
  1. Avocados are rich in various vitamins and minerals, high in heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, rich in fiber, can decrease cholesterol and can increase intake of antioxidants from other plant-based food.
  2. Pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, high in heart healthy magnesium, a source of plant based protein, can encourage a restful sleep, packed with iron, can lower cholesterol and shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Brown rice is rich in selenium, which reduces the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and arthritis, contains manganese to help the body synthesize fats, can help normalize cholesterol and is rich in various antioxidants



Edamame Spaghetti with Mixed Stir Fried Vegetables

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I put little thought or effort into my meals. I tend to live on my staples: oatmeal for breakfast, a salad/sushi bowl for lunch & lately a stir fry for dinner. Stir Fry’s are amazing because they don’t take ling to prep or make and can be packed full of yummy nutrients. I simply throw in a pan of whatever vegetables I have on hand and fry them in a little bit of olive oil. I will then mix this with some rice, beans, greens or in this case pasta, to make the meal more filling and satisfying.


  1. Vegetables are full of antioxidants which help fight free radicals in the body, they are full of fiber, have the potential to be cancer fighting/preventing, contain protein and essential amino acids, full of vitamins and minerals, can promote good health
  2. Olive oil has the potential to protect against certain cancers, is good for cardiovascular health and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Sorry that I did not post this on Friday like I said I was going to, I will try to improve on that in the coming weeks. I hope you all enjoyed another one of these posts and found some inspiration and knowledge in it. As usual I would just like to point out that I am still STUDYING nutrition and am not a qualified practitioner. This post is simply meal ideas with a little bit of basic nutritional knowledge. Remember to always consult a professional with regards to your health and with any diet or lifestyle changes.

Joy xx.

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