Nautical Stripes

nautical4As much as I love my T-Shirts & Jeans I do occasionally like to dress up. This is about as ‘fancy’ as I get, I rarely wear heels and prefer my flat, comfortable shoes. I love blazers and own a few but they rarely see the light of day, and I have owned this satchel for a while now but rarely use it as I feel way to adult-like when using it. But despite all of that, I actually felt extremely comfortable & confident in this look. Who knows, maybe baby Joy is actually growing up!nautical6nautical2nautical3nautical5nautical1

( Twix by Simons T-Shirt Dress / Lauren Ralph Lauren Blazer / American Eagle Sandals / Calvin Klein Satchel )

Joy xx.

8 thoughts on “Nautical Stripes

  1. I love how you put together all the components of this outfit! There’s so many different textures and even patterns going on but it all looks great together. Can you believe that all of Summer went by and I still haven’t managed to get my hands on a good t-shirt dress?!

    – J. Vo

    1. Thank you so much! I can’t believe how fast the weather has changed for me out west, it seems as though over night it went from +20 to now almost 0!

      Joy xx.

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