My Happy Place

outside5 [72007]

My happy place is walking in the middle of the forest, sitting in the middle of a field, listening to the birds sing and the wind rustling through the trees. My happy place is outside. I am the type of person that gets annoyed by technology, irritated by TV and florescent light bulbs give me a headache. Kind of ironic that I run a blog right? I prefer the outdoors to the indoors. Nothing can beat the feeling of the sun hitting your face, or how amazing fresh air can feel in your lungs, I feel at peace when surrounded by nature.

outside4 [72006]outside3 [72005]outside2 [71996]outside1 [71995]outside [71994]

( American Eagle Blouse / Zara Jeans / Urban Outfitters Hat / Hush Puppies Boots )

Joy xx.

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