A Cute Little Cottage

sunday sketch2

I tend to draw with an extremely light hand, so I apologize if you can not clearly see this drawing of mine.

This cute little cottage is basically my dream home, I would love to live in a small house surrounded by nature that just feels comfy and cozy. I would have have a small garden in my front yard with a bird bath and bird feeders so I can watch them fly freely in the morning sun, the colour of the shutters and the door would match ( probably a white or a pale blue ) and I would have a white picket fence surrounding my yard that is overgrown with the wild flowers that grow near my home. My house would be situated far enough away from others as to have privacy, but close enough to be able to pop on by for a cup of coffee or a nice chat. The interior would have a rustic feel, filled with cozy blankets, wood furniture and little knick-knacks here and there. I would have floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with various genres of both books and movies, a fireplace would be standing ready and waiting for the first winter frost and the place will always smell like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and coffee.

Joy xx.

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