Ten Facts About Me

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I love these “Facts About Me” posts because I feel like the reader and the writer are able to connect more, which I find is sometimes hard to do over the internet. I want my blog to be relatable and personable not cold, I want it to feel as though you and me are close friends and that my blog posts are us having a conversation over a cup of coffee. So without further ado here are ten facts about me:

  1. I was born on October 23rd
  2. My nickname is Pumpkin
  3. I am a vegan
  4. My favorite flowers are Sunflowers
  5. My favorite colour is orange
  6. I have an older brother
  7. I wake up around 4 am every day
  8. I am a Jurassic Park nerd
  9. I am scared of butterfly’s and birds, basically anything that can fly.
  10. I am so excited for Christmas

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( Twix by Simons Sweater / Garage Clothing Boyfriend Jeans / White Double-Up Keds Sneakers )

Joy xx.

6 thoughts on “Ten Facts About Me

  1. Nice to know these facts! My mothers birthday is also on the 23th of October

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