Wool Coat Weather

wool coat

As stated in my previous post Autumn has ended for me and Winter has begun, but I can’t complain because now I can wear my wool coats. In high school I was that kid that never wore a coat, even in -40 weather I was walking to school in my ‘Love Pink’ sweatshirt and knock-off Uggs ( I couldn’t afford the real ones ). I thought I was really cool. Clearly I was not ( please tell me I was not the only one to wear such things in their adolescent years ) This year however I have come to accept that I live in city that frequently experiences below freezing weather and have decided to stock up on all the winter accessories in order to stay warm and relatively dry in the coming months. Now I will admit a wool coat will not keep me warm in the -40 weather that is sure to come, but for now it works just fine.

wool coat6wool coat5Currently I possess 3 wool coats: a camel coat ( styled Here ), a hooded black coat ( outfit soon to come ) and this lovely wrap coat I recieved as yet another birthday present from my parents ( I was really spoiled wasn’t I?! ). I find that the wool coat is just as versatile as a cardigan as they can be worn anything! Plus I feel incredibly sophisticated and important when I walk down the street in a long wool coat, I’m not the only one right?wool coat1wool coat4wool coat3

London Fog Wool Coat / Aritzia Wilfred Durandal Sweater / Zara Jeans / Bandolino Boots / Maison Simons Tote )

I styled this wonderful dark grey wool coat with a turtleneck vest and a pair of basic denim jeans for a casual, yet put together look. I decided to go for a really basic look underneath my coat in order to let the coat really shine. The turtleneck on the sweater draws your eyes to my neckline where you are able to acknowledged the dramatic lapels this coat features.

wool coat9

And don’t forget to use the discount code ‘JOYFUL’ on your next purchase at Valerie Baber Designs to recieve 10% off your next purchase of any of the wonderful designs available.

Joy xx.

6 thoughts on “Wool Coat Weather

    1. Thank you Christy! I love them myself and they are perfect for the colder weather especially when you want to check your phone :)

      Joy xx.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! You are always so kind to me and I am so thankful for all the support you have given me!

      Joy xx.

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