The Canadian Way


As many of you know I am a born and raised Canadian, and quite proud of that, I love all of the little eccentricities that we Canadians posses and I find humor in the stereotypical portrayal of Canadians. I must say that I do love my Tim-Bits, tend to say eh after every sentence, have taken part in snowshoeing, skating and skiing and I love my Canadian Tuxedo. At times I can be the perfect example of a typical Canadian.

canadian3canadian5canadian6And yes, we do call out one dollar coin the “Loonie” and our two dollar coin the “Twoonie”, there is a beaver on the nickel and a moose on our quarter.

canadian7canadian2Gap Quilted Vest / Gap Shaker Stitch Sweater / Gap Denim Button Up / Zara Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans / Coach Cross-Body Bag / Hush Puppies Booties )


Have Weekend Everyone!

Joy xx.

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