A Black Scarf

black scarf10.1


Scarf | Coat (similar) | Hand Warmers | Jeans | Boots (similar) | Bag (similar)black scarf1.1black scarf6.1black scarf4.1

It seems to me that while everyone else is enjoying an above average winter, I am not. I must admit that before Christmas I was a little upset that we had practically no snow and that the weather was fairly warm ( for Western Canada ) but that need for snow and colder temperatures to experience a “White Christmas” is gone. The weather is becoming colder, not warmer, and the winds are continuing to howl outside my window. Thankfully this Scarf from Romwe arrived just in time, before the weather started dipping below -20.black scarf11.1black scarf8.1black scarf17.1This scarf is so warm and cozy, and the larger size of it makes it perfect for these colder temperatures as I can bundle up and stay warm.black scarf9.1

Another great way to stay warm if you are ( like me ) living in an unforgivably cold place is to invest in a pair of Hand Warmers like these ones from The Joy Collection!

I wear mine practically everyday for a variety of reasons: (1) they allow me to check my phone in the cold while keeping my hands nice and warm, (2) I can layer them underneath a pair of mittens for added warmth and (3) they look cool.black scarf13.1black scarf14.1

Joy xx.

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