Toque, Mits & Parka

toque,mits and parka2.1


Parka | Toque | Mits (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Boots

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe that we just completed our first full week of 2016?! I hope you all have had a great year so far, lets hope that it just keeps getting better!

As I am writing this snow is gently falling outside my window, and although I did complain about the bitter cold and never ending winter in my previous post I must admit that it is beautiful. toque,mits and parka7.1toque,mits and parka13.1toque,mits and parka17.1

toque,mits and parka15.2
My go-to look in the winter always consists of my super warm Parka from Aritzia, a Toque to keep my hair from flying all the over the place in the wind, Mittens to keep my hands warm and of course Hiking Boots with good traction so that I do not slip and fall.

Stay Warm babes!

Joy xx.

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Photos by: TrendyAdventures

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