Plaid Shirt & Camel Coat

plaid shirt, camel coat, denim jeans, black purse, brown booties


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First of all can we just take a minute to appreciate how pale I am? I am literally so pale that if I simply move my head a tiny bit while taking photos I will completely mess up the lighting of a photograph and it will be completely over exposed. Now I can blame the fact that I live in a cold climate and the sun doesn’t shine all too much, but in reality I am just naturally pale. My “tan” in the Summer is pathetic…usually I just burn or freckle ( #palepeopleproblems ).

That is why, more often than not, I find I am more drawn towards lighter shades when I style an outfit ( although I do love a good all black look ). Which is why I chose to pair this lovely plaid shirt along with my ever trusty camel coat, added on a pair of classic blue jeans and threw on a pair of sunnies (because I was simply to lazy to do my makeup) to create a relax, yet put together look, perfect for these never ending winter days.

Joy xx.

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9 thoughts on “Plaid Shirt & Camel Coat

    1. Thanks babe! So sorry for the late reply! Your support means the world to me! Kisses from the west!

      Joy xx.

    1. awe thanks Sarah! I might add that I just bought 3 new coats/jackets today…but in my defense they were on sale!

      Joy xx.

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