Dark Days



Scarf* | Leather Jacket (similar) | Blazer (similar) | Striped Shirt* | Jeans | Boots (similar) |Bag (similar) | Sunglasses (similar)
striped.1leather stripes3.1striped leather4
leather stripes2I find that my wardrobe choices tend to reflect my mood; when I am in a good mood I gravitate more towards my lighter-shade clothes such as my camel coat or blue jeans, however when I am less than cheerful I prefer to dress in darker shades and in lots of layers. Now that is not to say I am enveloped in negative thoughts, I am in fact quite a happy person, however this whole “winter” thing has definitely had it’s affect on me. I cannot wait for the sun to begin shining again, but for now it seems like only dark days are ahead.

Joy xx.

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