When In Doubt: Wear All Black

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Jacket (similar) | Sweater (similar)  | Jeans | Purse (similar) | Boots (similar) |

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I don’t know about you, but winter seems to be taking a rather long time to transition into spring. My creativity regarding styling new outfits is pretty bleak at the moment, so when in doubt: wear all black. There is something about wearing an all black outfit that makes you feel incredibly confident and unstoppable, plus you know without a doubt that you look good because black always looks flattering.

My go-to is always a pair of really skin-tight skinny jeans (the kind that can be a little uncomfortable to sit in), a black turtleneck and a good pair of black boots (with or without a heel). I threw on this statement plaid jacket to take this look from ordinary to extraordinary, and I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and found this satchel I got as my high school graduation gift (2 years ago…) that I believe I have only worn once or twice (#fashionhoarder).

Tell me, what is your go-to look when experiencing a creativity lump?

Joy xx.

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