Snapshots .02



A compilation of random photos taken during the month of February

After searching for what seems like forever ( okay maybe just a month, but I am an extrememly impatient person ) I have finally found the perfect White Hand Bag that I have been searching for! I found it at Call It Spring, and I must say that their selection of handbags is just amazing! I had such a hard time choosing which one I wanted to purchase but decided on the Return Crossbody Bag in Bone,but trust me I will be back to buy more ;)

Also this month I have been crushing on wood accessories, and I have been very blessed this month to have received a gorgeous Watch from JORD Wood Watches ( styled Here ) and a Wood IPhone Case from The WTFactory. And since this month featured Valentines Day, and because I am #foreversingle, my parents gifted me this beautiful necklace made by a local jewelry designer. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Last but not least I just wanted to show you all what makeup I wear on a day to day basis. I have always used natural makeup as there are so many dangerous and damaging chemicals in conventional makeup that can have harmful effects on any individual. My personal favorite brands to use are Jane Iredale  and BareMinerals, but there are a variety of natural makeup brands to choose from. If you want to learn more about the dangers of makeup please click the links Here & Here

*Please note that there are also some dangers associated with using Mineral Makeup and it is simply my personal opinion to use mineral based makeup. Please educate yourself and make the decision that you feel most comfortable with*

Joy xx.

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