March Wishlist

march wishlist


Blouse | Jeans | Handbag  | Flats

March is officially here, and although the temperature is still below freezing and snow is still on the ground, that does not stop me from dreaming about the upcoming warmer weather.

1.See by Chloe Pleated Blouse // As many of you may know by now, I have a little crush on all things Chloe, and this beautiful blouse is of no exception. I personally love all things girly and feminine, especially since we are starting to transition into the warmer months, and to me this blouse just screams spring! The beautiful soft pink colour, subtle bell sleeves and delicate ruffle detailing makes this blouse perfect for the upcoming season and is exactly why I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it.

2.Citizens of Humanity Emerson Slim Fit Boyfriend Jeans // I own about 4 pairs of boyfriend jeans, but these ones are different. So logically I need them right?! I prefer not wearing boyfriend jeans in the fall/winter because I find that they don’t keep me all too warm, but in the spring/summer they are my go-to when I am not wearing shorts.

3.Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag // Surprise, surprise, another piece chosen from the Chloe collection. You did hear me say that I am kinda in love with all things Chloe right? In my dream world I would own every colour of Chloe bag available ( I especially love this one! ) but as stated before I am just a poor little fashion blogger who cannot afford such a beautiful piece of artwork ( yes. It is art. ) So for now I will just admire it from afar, and be content with the look-a-like I bought here.

4.Steve Madden Lecrew Lace-Up Flats // Two trends that I have noticed popping up all over Instagram are these beautiful, ballet-inspired, lace-up flats and the colour pink. I have never been much of a pink fan, preferring to stick to a blackwhite and grey colour palette, however I find myself drawn to this beautiful soft pink. Which is why I centered my wishlist around the colour, who knows! Maybe I will be wearing colour this upcoming spring/summer!

Joy xx.

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