Wishful Thinking

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denim skirt.1


Coat | Sweater (similar) | Skirt* | Shoes | Hand Bag (similar) | Watch | Phone Case*

For a very split second last week I forgot that I lived in Western Canada and I thought that it was warm enough to wear a skirt. I was wrong.

You see I live in Alberta, Canada, a place where the sun shines on an almost daily basis, deceiving us inhabitants into thinking that it is warmer than it actually is. Plus we always have to take into account the wind. The weather man may say that is 15*C outside, but factor in the 20km/hr wind and it is no longer skirt appropriate. So needless to say I froze my butt off on this day, but at least I look good right?

Photos c/o: TrendyAdventures

Joy xx.

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