March Recap

white watch.1


Watch | Sweater (similar)

Good morning everyone, I trust that you all have had a wonderful week so far. March is now coming to an end and I have no idea where the month has gone! A lot has happened this path month, and I haven’t been 100% committed to my blog, but now that I am done this semester of school I will have a little more time to devote to A Little Detail. I plan to catch up on all emails, comments and other bloggity things so please be patient with me as I try to get into a little routine.

So without further ado, lets do a little recap of March!

Some big things happened for me during March, both personal and blog related. For starters I reached 11.6k on Instagram, which to me is just crazy! Thank you all so much for the love and support, it means a lot to me. Especially with the changes that are to happen with Instagram (and my fellow instagrammers know what I am talking about) it helps to know that I can rely on my IG family.

Another thing that happened during the month of March was that I have completed the first section of my Nutrition Training, meaning that in less than a year (hopefully) I will be a certified Holistic Nutritionist! I have also had the opportunity to start working with some lovely companies, and I cannot wait to show you all more of what is to come.

As for my blog posts, like I said earlier, I have been a little inconsistent. I blame it on a mix of bad weather and lack of inspiration but I still managed to post a few times this month:

cardi coat.1

March 4th 2016 | The Coatigan

all grey6.1

March 7th 2016 | New Week, New Coat


March 11th 2016 | White Sneakers

trench vest6

March 16th 2016 | The Trench Coat Vest


March 18th 2016 | Spring In My Step


March 21st 2016 | Not Quite Spring


March 23rd 2016 | Real Simple

trench coat2.1

March 25th 2016 | Smooth Criminal

denim skirt7.1

March 29th 2016 | Wishful Thinking

I hope you all enjoyed my outfits from the month of March and found some inspiration from them! Tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for outfit posts, inspiration and my random musings and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all things A Little Detail!

Happy Wednesday!

Joy xx.

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