April Wishlist

april wishlist

Good morning and Happy 1st of April Folks! The start of a new month means a new wishlist, and this month I am dreaming of the warmer weather that is to come. During the spring/summer my style becomes very simple and feminine, but of course I do not stray far from my monochromatic style. I mean, what is color?

1.Aritzia Wilfred Calvados Dress // Soft & feminine, beautiful & simple, these are the words I would use to describe this dress. I have had my eye on this dress for a very long time, and almost bought it last year but instead I opted for this very similar dress Here ( styled Here ). Just like the little black dress, you can never have too many little white dresses in your wardrobe. Extremely versatile and easy to style, LWD is definitely a staple in my wardrobe….and I may need a few more.

2. Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses // I don’t often wear sunglasses on my blog, mainly because I think all sunglasses look a little funny on my small face, but the minute I saw these Dior sunglasses I knew I needed them in my life. You may remember from my February WishlistHereI originally wanted the Dior ‘Reflected’ Sunglasses (and I still do), but I think these black & gold sunglasses fit my style a little bit more ( and like I could ever afford these….this is a wishlist after all! )

3. Chloe Faye // Surprise, surprise, another Chloe Bag has made an appearance in a wishlist. I don’t know if you can tell by now, but I am a little bit obsessed with Chloe! I believe that the bags they design are absolutely gorgeous, and don’t even get me started on the shoes! In my dream world I would be the proud owner of multiple Chloe designs (specifically handbags) but I a cannot afford even one! So for now, I will have to admire it from afar.

4.Pierre Hardy Espadrilles // Aren’t these beautiful? I love that they are not any ordinary espadrille, that they are a mix between an espadrille and a lace up ballet flat. With summer right around the corner I am dreaming of the days where I can just slip my foot into a pair of flats instead of bulky boots, but that won’t happen for a while… so who knows maybe by then I will own these beautiful shoes (probably not.)

Joy xx.

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