April 2016 Recap



Jeans* | Sweater (similar) | Watch* | Ring*

I woke up this morning and realized 3 things:

1) it is Friday,

2) I forgot that it was Friday and had not planned on a blog post (oops)

3) Not only is it Friday but it is the end of the month….where did April go?!

Honestly I cannot believe that another month has just come and gone, this year is going by way to fast I feel as though I am missing it. April was an extremely busy month for me: I completed my nutrition school, making me a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and rather than being excited about the adventure that lays ahead I found myself incredibly stressed out as I now enter the world of Adult. Also during the month of April I had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies such as: Abbott Lyon WatchesBarbas & Zacari, and Chainless Brain just to name a few. And not only did my followers on my social media increase, but I gained so much love, support and friendship that it just blows my mind! I feel truly blessed and thankful for each and every one of you!

I hope that you all had a wonderful month of April, and I am wishing you a fabulous month ahead!

Joy xx.

April Outfits

04.04.16 24

April 4th | Trench Coat & Striped Dress

13 8

April 13th | Feminine Blouse & Espadrilles

Soia&Kyo Trench Coat Denim Shorts Adidas Superstars

April 18th | Trench Coat & Denim Shorts

vest 1.3

April 20th | Leather Vest & Floral Dress


April 22nd | Blue Denim Jacket & Black Denim Shorts


April 25th | Bohemian Blouse & Cardigan Coat


April 27th | White Denim Jeans

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