The water in developing countries is typically unsafe, filled with bacteria & parasites that can be very harmful to human beings. In developing countries the women are the leaders of their communities, and without safe drinking water they are at risk for contracting serious illnesses and the community can become trapped in a cycle of poverty. To help break the cycle, and to help provide safe drinking water to impoverish communities, Mejuri will be donating 30% of each sale of the Mejuri pure 14k gold evil eye ring and the 925 sterling silver ring to The Her Initiative.

The Her Initiative works with the leaders of the local communities, helping to teach them business skills, safe water operations/maintenance and proper health/hygiene. The water purification systems that The Her Initiative implements not only provides safe, clean drinking water to the communities but it also helps to store and conserve water, which is vitally important in the communities with limited access to any source of water. The water purification system provided by The Her Initiative also helps to provide an income, helping to make the program economically viable and sustainable.

 The Her Initiative and the #MeforHER campaign believes in women empowerment and what can be accomplished when we, as women, stand together and help each other. By buying a Mejuri 14k gold evil eye ring or the 925 sterling silver ring you are helping a community in a developing country simply by encouraging another women to become healthier, stronger and more informed in ways that will help their communities grow.

Click THIS LINK HERE to help make a difference in someone else’s life

Joy xx.

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