All White



All White, Summer Whites, Panama Hat, Boho Blouse, White Jeans, White Sneakers

Panama Hat, Garage Clothing, All White, Summer Whites, American Eagle, GEOX, White Sneakers

Geox Sneakers, White Jeans, White Sneakers, White BlouseWearing

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For me, comfort always plays a huge influence into what I decide to wear that day. As you might have noticed by now, it is very odd for me to be seen wearing heels, preferring to opt for some comfy sneakers instead ( hence why my old blog name was ‘sneakersinsnow’, shout out to you if you remember that ;) ). This month I have partnered with GEOX to review a pair of shoes, so naturally I went for the classic white sneakers ( because you can never have too many sneakers right?! )

What initially drew me to this particular pair of sneakers was that they weren’t your classic pair of white sneakers, they have an almost blush tone to them, and by now you should know I am a little bit obsessed with anything blushed toned! I do have to say that the fabric at the toe is a little tough and you do have to break them in a bit, but other than that the shoes are extremely comfortable! They have a flexible side mesh so your feet can actually breath, which is so important for these warmer months to come, and the bottoms are a little cushioned making them really comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.

Over this month I will be continuing to style these GEOX Amalthia sneakers  and give my full review at the end of June!

Joy xx.

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* This post is in collaboration with GEOX shoes. All photos, thoughts and opinions are my own *

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6 thoughts on “All White

  1. So pretty, I am always afraid to wear all white or anything white to be honest, I always spill on myself or manage to get the outfit dirty :) haha

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