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Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

I made a promise earlier this year both on my blog and on Instagram that I would start to incorporate more health/wellness posts….well that kinda failed…but I am here to try again! So for today’s post I really want to talk about the importance of using Natural Beauty products. I will be discussing what makeup I use, why I use it and also some of the dangers associated with using conventional makeup, so without further ado lets begin!

Why I Only Use Natural Makeup

Originally I only used natural makeup because that was the only makeup my Mom would allow me to bring into the house, she has very severe allergies to colors and dyes with the added bonus of being asthmatic to artificial smells and perfumes ( which she also passed onto me ). At the time I hated it, I wanted to use the drug store makeup that all my friends were using, but looking back on it now I am so thankful for what she did! I never had any zits, pimples or any other imperfections on my skin growing up, and I believe that has a lot to do with the makeup that I used. Unlike conventional drug store/higher end makeup brands, mineral makeup is more gentle on your skin and doesn’t clog your pores as much. Plus natural, mineral makeup doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that can be extremely irritating to the skin, which in turn can cause the breakouts.

Now that I am older, I prefer to use natural makeup for a variety of reasons, the main ones being:

  1.  Natural makeup is not only better for my skin, but also for my overall health as studies have linked the chemicals in conventional makeup to a higher risk of cancer and other illnesses
  2.  Natural makeup feels better on my skin, it is not heavy or harsh and half the time I forget I am even wearing makeup because it feels like I have absolutely no product on my skin
  3. Natural makeup is better for the environment which is something I believe we should all be concerned about in this day and age

The Dangerous in Makeup

According to the David Suzuki Foundation here are the 12 worst ingredients in makeup that should be avoided:

  1. BHA & BHT
  2. Coal Tar Dyes – especially p-phenylenediamine and colors listed as CI followed by a five digit number
  3. dibutyl phthalate
  4. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
  5. Parabens
  6. Parfum or Fragrance
  7. PEG compounds
  8. Petrolatum
  9. Siloxanes
  10. Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  11. Ticlosan

A List of Dangerous Ingredients and their Negative Effects on Health

  1. Parabens,  used as a preservative in makeup are linked to breast cancer
  2. Pigments such as bromo acid lake dyes ( including red no.21, red no.27 & orange no,17 ) are linked to dermatitis, and they contain coal tar, are common allergens and are carcinogenic ( cancer causing )
  3. Emollients such as hydrocarbons, mineral oil, petrolatum are pollutants to the environment, contain impurities that can cause health problems such as acne and cancer
  4. Solvents such as glycols are irritating to the skin

The Makeup I Use

I have been using two different make up brands for years now: Jane Iredale & Bare Minerals. They are the only brands that I have been able to find that are fairly clean ( ie the least amount of ingredients ) and the only ones that do not irritate my skin ( like I said I have extremely sensitive skin and even some mineral makeup irritates me ). I really need to stress that just because a makeup brand claims to be mineral does not mean that it is 100% clean. Always read the labels and make sure that the harmful ingredients I listed above are not in the makeup!

Understanding the Label

  • 100% Organic – the ingredients are 100% organically produces
  • Certified Organic/Eco Cert – the product contains at least 95% organic ingredients
  • Made with Organic Ingredients  – the product contains at least 70% organic ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic – this implies that the product is less irritating, causing less allergic reactions
  • Alcohol-Free – the product contains no ethyl alcohols
  • Fragrance – Free – implies that the product has no detectable odor
  • Noncomedogenic – implies that the product does not contain any ingredients that could lead to acne
  • Cruelty-free or No New Animal Testing – the product has not been tested on animals

I hope that this post opened up your eyes a little to the dangers of using makeup, even mineral makeup has some associated dangers to it, although the list is smaller. Please remember to always check the ingredients of any product you use and always consult a physician or other health care professional before making any lifestyle changes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Joy xx.

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