11 Health Hacks

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Want to adopt a healthier life style? Here are 15 simple tips that will help you get on the right track!

  1. Cut out or Reduce Red Meats and Dairy – you heard me right, cut them out. Although they are a good source of protein and some nutrients, the negative affects of over consuming these products is just not worth it! Instead choose lean proteins ( such as fish, poultry, beans & legumes ) and plant based milk products ( soy, almond, rice etc.). Worried about B12? Consuming some poultry a few times a week will help take care of that! Vegan or Vegetarian? Try a B12 supplement as nutritional yeast is not a significant source of B12!
  2. Eat Organic – to learn more about why you should be consuming only Organic Produce click this link HERE
  3. Carb it Up – that’s right folks! CARBS ARE GOOD!!! Contrary to popular belief we need carbohydrates in order to properly function ( plus carbohydrates can actually help you loose weight and reduce bloating because of our good friend we like to call fiber! ). The key here is to eat ‘good’ carbohydrates: Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes, Beans/Legumes, Fruit etc. and limit ‘bad’ carbohydrates: pastries, refined baked goods and simple sugars.
  4. Read the Ingredient List – Stop looking at the calories and read the ingredients! Try to consume foods with less ingredients and remember that if you can’t pronounce it, do not eat it!
  5. Eat your Fats – Avocados, Nuts and Seeds are high in healthy fats that will help us feel full and satisfied. So add half an avocado to a salad, pack a handful of nuts to work and sprinkle some seeds on your oatmeal in the morning.
  6. Cut Out Sugar – Sorry guys, but as pretty as those pastries might be for your Instagram shots, they are doing nothing for you. Not only do they increase your chance of Obesity but it can also lead to Diabetes and other illnesses. Instead opt for some fruit! My favorite is frozen raspberries and frozen pineapple!
  7. Eat ever 2-3 Hours – Now I am not saying that you should consume a full meal every 2-3 hours, what I am suggesting is snacking throughout the day. If we consume too much at one meal we are actually putting stress on our digestive system which can cause gas or bloating, it is better for our health and our energy levels to snack throughout the day. Plus if we go without food for more than 5 hours our blood sugar will drop making crave sugar and we are more likely to reach for junk food
  8. Go Raw – most of the vitamins and minerals that we need to consume from our fruits/vegetables are lost during the cooking process, so choose to go raw more often! Enjoy salads made with fresh produce, fruit plates with breakfast and veggie sticks with hummus as an afternoon snack!
  9. Eat More Plant Based Protein – you have probably heard it enough, but plant based protein is better for you in the long run as it does not contain cholesterol and other unhealthy hormones that are present in animal products. Some great  alternatives are beans/legumes, brown rice, cruciferous vegetables ( i.e Broccoli, Cauliflower Brussels Sprouts ) and Nut/Seeds.
  10. Drink Enough Water – water is so important as not only it keeps us properly hydrated but sufficient intake also supports the eliminating functions of the kidneys, bowls and the skin ( detoxifies our bodies ). Try adding a bit of lemon to your water and try to make a habit of carrying a water bottle with you at all times!
  11. Pack a Snack – unlike other women my purse does not contain a bag full of makeup, instead it contains a bag full of food. I always make sure to be carrying around some nuts/seeds, a healthy muffin or granola bar and sometimes some veggie sticks or an apple just in case I get hungry or am out longer than I originally intended. By doing this you are less likely to run to the convenience store for a bag of chips when your tummy starts rumbling.

I know that making those initial steps towards healthier eating habits is hard, and you will fall off the wagon sometimes! I’m not gonna lie, even as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist I still find myself craving the sweets and the junk food, and I too fall off the healthy eating wagon once in a while. But these simple tips always help me to get back on track, and I hope that you are able to find some inspiration in them to start your journey towards a healthier diet.

Happy Friday!

Joy xx.

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11 thoughts on “11 Health Hacks

  1. Such a great post! Healthy living is just so important and it gives you so much power for the whole day. I love your tips – drinking lots of water is so easy but I always tend to forget it.. :) Thank you so much for reminding me!
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

    1. I’m so glad that you like them! I plan on doing many more health/nutrition posts so if you have any questions that need to be answered feel free to ask on my Instagram!

      Joy xx.

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