Components of a Healthy Diet

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As I start to integrate more health/nutrition posts I will start to talk about more complex topics, but for now I really want to stress the basics because once you got those down the rest will be fairly easy. Already I have talked about the importance of choosing Organic ProduceThe Macronutrients & I also gave you all some Simple Healthy Lifestyle Tips so I thought that today I would just incorporate all those topics into one post and explain the components of a healthy diet!

Natural, Seasonal & Fresh Foods

  • Consume a wide variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, whole grains & legumes
  • Should encompass at least 80-90% of your diet
  • Eat local & in season
  • Avoid spoilage/rancidity of animal products; eating your fruits/vegetables as fresh as possible

Nutritious Foods

  • Consuming foods that allow you to acquire all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids & phytonutrients you need to properly function
  • Organic produce
  • Consuming chemical free foods ( no chemical additives or chemically treated foods as well as refined-sugar or refined-flour products )
  • Properly washing & storing of foods
  • Drinking clean, filtered, chemical free water

Variety and Rotation

  • Eating a variety of foods that provide all the nutrients
  • Rotating your diet as to not eat the same foods everyday, decreasing the chances of allergies or sensitivities

Food Combining 

*I only suggest this if you have digestive issues or want to eat a completely clean diet. These are great guidelines, but I do not follow them strictly*

  • Food combining allows us to digest our foods properly, optimally utilizing the nutrients
  • General Guidelines:
    1. Fruits should be eaten by themselves or with other fruits
    2. Proteins & starches are not to be eaten together
    3. Combine Proteins & Vegetables or Starches & Vegetables
    4. Do not eat more than one serving of protein per meal


  • Practice mindfulness when eating, no distractions
  • Do not overeat or under eat


*do not worry about the specifics as much, there is no need to track,  just have a general idea of macronutrient balance*

  • Macronutrients
    1. 60% Carbohydrates
    2. 15% Protein
    3. 25% Fat
  • Micronutrients
    • Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids

Dietary Guidelines 

  • Produce
    • 5+ servings per day of fruits & vegetables
  • Starches
    • 4+ servings per day of whole grains and other starches
  • Proteins
    • 3 servings per day
  • Calcium Foods
    • 2+ servings per day ( I do not advocate the use of dairy products, however if you choose to consume them please keep to a minimum of 2 servings per day )
      • Plant Based Calcium Sources Include: Leafy Greens ( Bok Choy, Broccoli, Kale, Romaine Lettuce etc. ), Soy Products, Figs, Oranges, Various Legumes ( Garbanzo Beans, Lentils, Pinto Beans etc. ), Almonds, Flaxseeds, Hazelnuts, Blackstrap Molasses
  • Oils
    • 1-2 servings of vegetable oils per day

Always remember that the road to a healthier diet is a long one, and that you need to just take it one step at a time. Take my tips and find what works for you, when you begin to transition to more natural foods and start to lessen your intake of pre packaged, non organic foods you will not feel well. That is simply a detox period, keep at it and eventually you will feel amazing!

Joy xx.

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10 thoughts on “Components of a Healthy Diet

  1. What a great post! I love that it’s a healthy diet post that doesn’t come across as preachy or pretentious. Also those rings are so cute, I’m not much of a jewellery person but I might just have to try them out :)

    1. Thank you so much! I believe that education is the best way to a healthier lifestyle! I’m not going to tell you how to eat because it may not work for you!

      Joy xx.

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