Florals for Fall

Florals for Fall, Quiz Clothing Floral Romper, Leather Motocycle Vest, Black Felt Fedora, Black Lace Up Heels

Summer Fashion, Fall Fashion, Women's Fashion, Leather Vest, Floral Romper, Black Choker, Black Lace up Heels, Off the Shoulder Romper


Quiz Clothing Floral Romper – Here

Leather Vest – Similar Here

Ace of Something ‘Aspen’ Fedora – Here

Sol Sana Lace Up Heels – Similar Here

The end of August and the first few weeks of September can be fairly tricky and a little awkward when it comes to deciding what to wear. You still have your summer pieces out but are slowly transitioning into your fall wardrobe as the weather begins to drop. For today’s look I am showcasing how you can transition your florals into the fall season by simply adding on a Leather Vest ( or Jacket ) as well as some darker accessories such as this Black Felt Fedora & my Black Lace Up Heels, making this beautiful Summer Floral Romper perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Joy xx.

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4 thoughts on “Florals for Fall

  1. I totally love the way you combine the romantic florals with the edgy leather west! Great combo!
    xx, Thomas

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