Calvin Klein Sweatshirt & Hieleven Bucket Bag

Back to School Style, Calvin Klein Sweatshirt, Mavi Jeans, Distressed Blue Skinny Jeans, Converse Sneakers, Bucket Bag, Flatlay


Calvin Klein Jeans Sweatshirt* – Here

Mavi Jeans* – Similar Here

Hieleven Bucket Bag* – Here

Converse “Dainty” Sneakers – Here

What with the dramatic drop in temperatures and the stress of starting school back up I am lacking the motivation to put together a cute and fashion-forward outfit, much less photograph one. My uniform as of late has been my Calvin Klein Sweatshirt, Distressed Mavi Skinny Jeans & of course my Converse “Dainty” Sneakers. My Hieleven Bucket Bag comes with me everywhere because it is large to fit all of my daily necessities ( ie camera, snacks & laptop ) and for those of you who don’t know: I am as blind as a bat, so glasses are an absolute must!

Joy xx.

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