Hiking Boots & Hoodie

Hiking Boots & HoodieGivenchy Hoodie, Camel Coat, Black Skinny Jeans, Black Hiking Boots, Black Mini Studded Crossbody Bag

Black Hoodie, Camel Wool Coat, Black Wax Coated Skinny Jeans, Mackage Studded Crossbody Bag, Black Hiking Boots


Camel Coat – Similar here

“Givenchy” Hoodie c/o GraFixDesignsLLC- Here

Wax Coated Jeans – Here

Black Hiking Boots c/o Bluenotes – Here

Studded Crossbody Bag – Similar Here

Snowy Monday mornings call for Hiking Boots & cozy layers. I styled my gorgeous Camel Colored Wool Coat with a warm and cozy Black “Givenchy” Printed Hoodie and a pair of Wax Coated Skinny Jeans. I completed the outfit with a small Studded Cross-body Bag.

Joy xx.


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