Black Coat & Leopard Print Crossbody Bag

Black Wool Coat, Graphic T-Shirt, High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Leopard Print Crossbody Bag, Camel Ankle Boots

Winter Fashion, Outfit, Chic, Black Wool Coat, Leopard Print Crossbody, High Waisted Blue Skinny Jeans, Camel Colored Ankle Boots


Black Wool Coat – Similar Here

Graphic T-Shirt – Similar Here

High Waisted Jeans – Here

Camel Colored Boots – Here

Leopard Print Crossbody Bag – Here

Wool coats of all colors is an absolute must when you live somewhere that experiences winter 6 months of the year. As most of you know by now I have quite the coat collection, my wardrobe is about 80% winter coats, but even though I have a wide variety to choose from I always tend to gravitate towards the classic fitted wool coat. Here I am styling is gorgeous Black Wool Coat with a pair of High Waisted Skinny Jeans and a Graphic T-Shirt for a mix of classic and edgy, I of course paired this outfit with my favorite Camel Colored Ankle Boots and completed the outfit with my Leopard Print Crossbody Bag.

Joy xx.


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