Grey Coat & White Sneakers

Grey Coat & White Sneakers

Grey Wool Scarf, Calvin Klein Sweatshirt, Grey Wool Coat, GAP Girlfriend Jeans, White Adidas Superstars, Winterfashion


Grey Wool Coat – Here

Calvin Klein Sweatshirt – Similar Here

Striped T-Shirt – Similar Here

Oversized Grey Scarf – Similar Here

GAP Girlfriend Jeans – Here

Adidas All White Superstars – Here

Hieleven Bucket Bag – Here

Keeping it casual today with a pair of All White Adidas Superstars. These sneakers used to be my staple in the summer, but sadly since the weather has turned cold I haven’t had all that many chances to wear them ( let’s just say that sneakers + snow do not mix ). Today, however, I decided to take the chance of completely destroying my beloved white sneakers and wear them out for this first time in a long time! I styled them here with a basic pair of Girlfriend Jeans and a Grey Calvin Klein Sweatshirt, to add a little dimension to the outfit, as well as an extra layer for warmth, I threw on a basic Striped Shirt underneath. Last but not least I added on my Grey Wool Coat & my ginormous Grey Wool Scarf to keep me warm and cozy.

Joy xx.

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