Grey Cardigan, White Jeans & Converse Sneakers

Grey Cardigan, White Jeans & Converse SneakersGrey Cardigan, Grey Striped T-Shirt, White Jeans, Bucket Bag

Simple Spring Outfit


Grey Cardigan – Similar Here / Here / Here

Striped T-shirt – Similar Here & Here

White Jeans – Here

Converse Sneakers – Here

Bucket Bag – Here

From wearing all black to wearing a lighter color palette, I’m really just dressing to fit the strange spring weather we have been experiencing here n Alberta. Monday was snowing, Tuesday was chilly and today it’s sunny….anyone experiencing strange weather patterns like this?

I love spring because it gives me a chance to dive into my closet and pull out pieces that haven’t seen the sun since last summer, like for instance this pair of White Jeans! I styled them in a simple manner ( but really what outfit of mine isn’t simple? ) by pairing them with a softer, monochromatic palette. I threw on a Cozy Cardigan to keep me warm and a classic Striped T-Shirt to add a bit of dimension to this rather plain look. To complete the outfit I threw on some comfy Converse Sneakers and of course my go-to Bucket Bag!

Joy xx.

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