Spring Time Layering, Pink Sweater & Leather JacketWhite Button Up, Pink Knit Sweater, Leather Jacket, White Purse, Grey Skinny Jeans, Black Ankle boots

Outfit Details, Fashion, Layering, Necklaces


 LOCK Crossbody Bag c/o Hieleven – Here

Moto Leather Jacket – Similar Here & Here

Pink Knit – Similar Here & Here

Sheer White Button Up – Similar Here

Grey Skinny Jeans – Similar Here

Black Ankle Boots – Here

Necklaces c/o Jazaar Jewelry – Here/Here

Just because it is spring doesn’t mean the weather is warming up here in Canada, in fact it’s doing the exact opposite and snowing….not exactly spring weather but pretty non the less.

Using the snow as an opportunity to test out my layering skills, I styled a Sheer White Button Up underneath a beautiful Pink Knit Sweater and a Leather Jacket ( not exactly snow proof but I am so over wearing coats ). Instead of my go-to Blue Jeans I opted for a pair of Grey Skinnies and completed the outfit with some basic Black Ankle Boots and my new Hieleven Lock Cross Body Bag!

Joy xx.

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