Springtime Layering, Black Knit Sweater, Gentle Fawn Floral Dress, Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans, Status Anxiety Ascendant Bag, Black Ankle Boots

Spring Fashion


GAP Sweater – Similar Here

Gentle Fawn Dress – Here (size Small) & Here (Size Medium)

Zara Jeans – Similar Here

Status Anxiety Bag- Here

Black Ankle Boots – Similar Here

Good morning guys and happy friday! I hope all is well! First off let me just say that I am so sorry for my very sporadic coming and goings on my blog and other social media channels. I decided a couple of weeks ago to lessen my postings as I was completing my first semester at university (happy to announce that I passed all of my courses with flying colors) but then I decided to take a complete break all together. I had been posting almost everyday for a year now and I was absolutely exhausted. A lot of time and energy goes into a single blog/Instagram post and I had completely worn myself out. I had no motivation or inspiration and I was finding it a chore to be creative and I was dreading logging onto Instagram everyday, so I decided to stop all social media and allow me to just be me.

During this time away from social media I reflected on myself and how I have evolved in the last year. I realized that I haven’t been genuine to myself and my style. I was trying to be like the other girls on Instagram in an effort to increase my likes/followers but what I found was actually the opposite. My followers and likes decreased, and with that my mood changed. I was sad, unmotivated and uninspired. I had lost my love for my blog and because of that it suffered. Taking time off was exactly what I needed, I uncluttered my wardrobe, realized what was most important to me and began to fall back in love with social media.

I realized that the numbers, don’t matter. That the amount of clothes I had didn’t matter. The only thing that matters is creating beautiful content that I am proud of. I was spending so much of my time scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration that I ended up not putting enough effort into my own content. I was half-assing things and I felt ashamed of what I was putting out onto my social media. I started to doubt myself, my style and my ability to create content. I compared myself to others, saw what they were doing and tried to mimic it…and because of that I felt lost. I wasn’t being who I know I truly am, but that is all going to change now.

My Blog and Instagram will not be changing, it’s simply going back to how it once was. I want to promote health, wellness and fashion, the three things that are the most important to me and what I am most passionate about. I want to help guide you into a healthier lifestyle, and inspire you with my outfits and fashion. I want to have fun and be creative!

Thank you for following along on this journey, and for always being such a positive influence and motivation in my life.

With all my love,

Joy xx.

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