Iced Coffee Season

Summer Fashion, Black Knit Sweater, Denim Skirt, Status Anxiety Bag, Black Bandanna Summer Fashion, Denim Mini Skirt, Black Crossbody Bag


Aritzia Sweater – Sold Out, Similar Here

Twix by Simons Denim Skirt – Here 

Daniel Wellington Watch – Here

Status Anxiety Bag – Here

Black Bandanna – Here

I never used to be the type of person that enjoyed iced coffee, I thought it was disgusting! But then I tried the Iced American from Good Earth Cafe here in Edmonton and BOOM! Life changing. Honestly guys I am 100% addicted, and it doesn’t help that I live so close to one. I’ve been going basically everyday, which means that my coffee count is now up to three a day…I’m barely sleeping at night but that’s okay because with all the coffee I’ve been drinking I have a lot of energy.

Happy Wednesday!

Joy xx.

6 thoughts on “Iced Coffee Season

  1. I love this entire outfit, girlie1 That sweater paired with the skirt is so cute and I love the black bag. I love coffee, so I’m quite the opposite, haha. It’s been so hard cutting back during my pregnancy, since I don’t really like decaf and I like my coffee relatively strong, so it’s one of the things I look forward to enjoying once again post pregnancy. That said, I so look forward to enjoying some iced coffee, so good on those those hot summer days! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



    1. Hi Jalisa!

      Thank you so much for commenting! It means so much to me that you take the time to read my blog :) Hope you and the baby are doing well!

      Joy xoxo

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