Suede Jacket, Striped Shirt & Your Questions Answered

Fall Fashion - Suede Jacket, Striped T-Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Adidas SuperstarsSuede Moto Jacket, Striped T-Shirt, Citizens of Humanity JeansWomen's Fashion, Fall Fashion, How to Style SuedeMarble Watch, White Superstar Sneakers, Michael Kors Bag


Aritzia Suede Jacket – similar HERE

Striped T-Shirt – similar HERE

Citizens of Humanity Jeans – HERE

Adidas Sneakers – HERE

Michael Kors Bag – similar HERE

My first ever Q&A! I hope you enjoy and a big thanks to all that asked a question, if I didn’t answer yours I may answer it in my next one :)

How Old Are You? Do You Speak French?

I am 20 years old and no I do not, just basic conversational french you learn in elementary school!

Why Do You Like Denim So Much? 

My style is very effortless, casual, girl next door and jeans are just so comfortable and easy to style I often gravitate towards them! Though I am trying to broaden my style denim will always be my favorite!

Is Blogging Your Profession Or Hobby?

For me it is a hobby and I prefer to keep it that way! Makes it more fun and enjoyable!

How Do You Motivate Yourself To Keep Blogging?

Honestly I have thought of quitting so many times, it is hard to compete in today’s social media world. What keeps me going are the sweet messages I receive from my amazing followers/readers and the  amazing people I have met when working with a variety of companies!

Who Inspired You To Blog?

I was inspired by a girl on Instagram called @sarahbrinks. Unfortunately she doesn’t do it anymore but she was my biggest inspiration!

Where Would You Like To Visit On Your Next Destination?

Vancouver! Or Paris. Maybe London….I’ve always wanted to visit Spain as well. Venice could be cool! Africa has always been a dream of mine. Although I have friends in Australia right now…basically I have too many places I want to see and no money to travel #collegekid

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Hopefully Graduated from University, other than that I don’t have much planned!

How Do You Edit Your Photos?

Photoshop Elements and VSCO cam!

What Is Your Most Treasured Possession?

Two necklaces I received from Mejuri, a picture of my first cat that passed away suddenly, and my phone as it has all of my photos and memories on it!

What Are You Majoring in School?

Currently I am in Open Studies and will be transferring to Bachelor of Arts in Sport, Recreation and Tourism!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Joy xx.

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