Pink Skirt & Embroidered T-Shirt

Pink Corduroy Skirt, Embroidered T-Shirt, Grey PursePink Skirt, Denim Jacket & White SneakersBrandy Melville Embroidered T-Shirt, Pink Skirt, Denim Jacket & Status Anxiety Plunder Bag


Unpublished Denim Jacket* – similar HERE

Brandy Melville T-Shirt – similar HERE

Forever 21 Pink Corduroy Skirt – HERE

Status Anxiety Plunder Bag* – HERE

White Adidas Superstars – HERE

Soft pastels to finish off the summer, wearing a Pink Corduroy Skirt with a simple Embroidered T-Shirt and a pair of White Sneakers. Covering up with a Light Wash Denim JacketI completed the outfit with a beautiful Cement Colored Cross Body Bag.

Joy xx.

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