Blue Jean Baby, Levi’s Lady

This post is sponsored by Levi’s Canada as part of the new Levi’s store opening at West Edmonton Mall! In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products. All opinions on this blog are my own.

To make an appointment at Levi’s West Edmonton Mall Click HERE

If you guys have been following me for a while then you know that I am in love with all things Levi’s, so when I saw that they were opening up a brand new store in the West Edmonton Mall I was overjoyed with excitement! I practically broke down in tears when the next thing I knew they contacted me asking if I wished to collaborate with them! Talk about a dream come true!

The West Edmonton Mall store is the third store in Canada to offer a tailor shop. Here you can customize any denim piece with embroidery, pins or patches and they even offer tailoring and hemming so every piece fits exactly the way you wish. With a wide variety of durable jeans, jackets , t-shirts and sweaters it was extremely hard for me to choose ( and I took quite a bit of time deciding ) but I finally went for the classic Boyfriend Style Denim Jacket with these super cool Skinny Jeans ( I mean check out that seam detailing in the back! ). Next I went and met the amazingly talented artist who embroidered my jacket for me, I wanted something that was unique and different yet undeniably me!

I came up with the saying “Blue Jean Baby, Levi’s Lady” as a play on “Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady” and then added on the field of sunflowers growing from the bottom as those are my favorite flowers. The artist and I worked on the placement and color combination together and when we where both satisfied with the design I went on my merry way, waiting in anticipation for the call that it was ready!

A week or so passed and I received the call that my customized jacket was ready! Well I practically raced over there and was so excited to be presented the finished product. To say that it turned out amazing is an understatement! I was blown away by the amount of detail the artist was able to include in the embroidery, it turned out better than I could ever imagine! I walked around the mall for a good hour so that everyone could get a good look at my brand new jacket.

Thank you so much Levi’s Canada for this amazing opportunity, I feel so honored to have the opportunity of collaborating with such an iconic company.

And to my followers, thank you for supporting me throughout the years, I would never have had such an amazing opportunity if wasn’t for all of you!

Joy xx.


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