Sustainable Fashion + My Wardrobe Essentials

Good Morning everyone! Today I wanted to discuss something that has become very important to me in the last few months: sustainable fashion. Ever since I quit being a full time “blogger” I have devoted much of my time and energy into researching how to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Looking into the ethical & environmental practices of many companies and becoming much more knowledgeable about the damaging effects that consumerism has had on the environment. Throughout this I have made an effort in cleaning out my closet so that it is much simpler, containing pieces that I know will last a long time and that I actually wear! I got rid of all the cheap things I purchased because they were “on-trend” and decided to invest more money into some wardrobe essentials. Here are some of my favorites:

T-Shirts – Paper Label

By far the best t-shirts I have ever owned! Designed and developed in the Vancouver, BC area these t-shirts are made from a super comfy & environmentally friendly fabric called Tencel. To learn more about the company & to shop their collection click HERE

Purses – XNIHILO 

I was introduced to this amazing Australian company over a year ago when they reached out to me for a collaboration. I instantly fell in love with their simple yet stunning designs, but when I learnt that the company was PETA certified, my respect for them grew immensely! This means that the leather used in the creation of these handbags does not support the slaughterhouses or animal cruelty. On top of that, this super company works with ethical suppliers, where the employees are treated properly. Check them out HERE

Jeans – Levi’s

This girl loooooves her Levi’s. They are the only jeans I have been able to find that actually fit my rather funny body shape & are super comfortable. When I started researching companies and their sustainability practices I was really worried that Levi’s wouldn’t do very good, but according to Good On You ( an amazing resource for checking the environmental, ethical & sustainable practices of companies ) Levi’s got a pretty good rating. On top of that, according to the Levis Website they are working towards implementing even more practices for the better. I can attest that these jeans last forever, definitely a sound investment in any wardrobe!

Sneakers – KOIO Collective 

This is another company that I have had the privilege of working with in the past. I have had these sneakers for close to two years and they are still going strong! Are they pricey? Yes. Is it worth is? 100%! These sneakers are designed and manufactured in Italy, they make sure that their designers and manufactures are provided with ethical working conditions and as mentioned before these shoes are long lasting and very comfortable. Check them out HERE

As I continue to investigate & learn about the fast fashion industry and the effects that it can have on not only the environment but on humans as well, the less I want to contribute to such a problem. I am by no means perfect, I cut corners all the time and am still learning, but by being more conscious of the situation I have been able to make better decisions.

I hope that this blog post has been able to help, it is not at all sponsored by any of these companies. I just wish to shed some light on something I think so many people ignore.

Rachelle xx.


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