My Top 5 Non-Negotiable Health/Wellness Tips


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I am a huge advocate for health and wellness. Nutrition, physical well-being & mental health are all very important topics to me. On top of those I believe that reaching a sustainable balance in your life is extremely important and taking consideration for our environment and the impact that we are having on our ecosystem should be considered more.

Here are my top 5 tips for attaining & maintaining a healthy, holistic lifestyle:

 Eat Mindfully 

This means no distractions while you are eating! No cell phones, TV, books etc, anything that will distract you from enjoying your meal. Sit down at a table, properly breath between bites and remember to chew your food. Creating a peaceful, enjoyable environment when you are eating greatly helps to improve digestion.

30 Minutes of Stress Free Time Everyday

In today’s day and age we are constantly on the go! We wear our stress & our busy schedules like a badge of honor. Although we all have responsibilities in our lives, taking just 30 minutes of your day to stay off your phone and be present with yourself can be vital for both mental and physical health. Read a book, journal, go for a nature walk or simply practice yoga, anything that will keep you calm and relaxed.

Eat a Balanced Diet

No restrictions, counting or craziness! Simply eating natural, wholefoods is the best “diet” anyone can be on. ( I will be going into building a healthy, balanced meal next week! ) If it comes in a package, don’t eat it.

Use Natural Products

Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs a large amount of what you put on it. The amount of chemicals found in things such as soaps, shampoos, makeup & house cleaners is absolutely disgusting! Opt for natural products such as Mineral Fusion, Pacifica, Jane Iredale, CurelleDesert Essence & Nature Clean!

Practice Self Love

As cliche as this might sound, self love is so important! When you are having a low period ( and we ALL get them ) try to remember how amazing you are, how much you accomplished and that nothing is more attractive than a good heart! Go into your 30 minutes of stress free time, avoid social media & mirrors, get out of your thinking mind. One thing that I have done which has helped me substantially is that I wrote a list of the 7 things I LOVE about myself & why. Whenever I start to feel down, I simply re-read that list, and it always helps me to feel better & more confident.

Lots of Love,

Rachelle xx.



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