How To Build a Healthy, Balanced Meal

In my last blog post I discussed my Top 5 Non-Negotiable Health/Wellness Tips & today I am going to be walking you through how to build a healthy, balanced meal. The internet is filled with healthy tips, tricks, guidelines & rules in regards to healthy eating, no wonder so many people are confused as to what is considered healthy, and what isn’t. These guidelines refer to the 3 main meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner, I can go into snacks another time if any of you wish!

First, let’s begin with my one and only “rule” in regards to my diet: only WHOLE FOODS. This means nothing that is prepackaged or processed. I don’t abide by any diet, I am not vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto or any of the other countless diets out there. I only eat what makes me feel good: a balanced, no restrictions diet works perfectly!

The general formula that I use with any of my meals is simple:

Protein + Carbohydrate + Fat + Fruit/Vegetable = the perfect, balanced meal

With this combination of all of the macro nutrients you will feel full, satisfied and full of energy!

Here are a few of my favorite meal ideas:


Oatmeal ( carbohydrate ) + Soy Milk ( protein ) + Cashews ( fats ) + Berries ( fruit )

Eggs ( protein ), cooked in Olive Oil ( Fat ) + Kale ( vegetable ) + Whole Grain Toast ( carbohydrate )

Green Smoothie ( banana, mango, spinach & soy milk ) + Whole Grain Toast ( carbohydrate ) + Avocado ( fat )


Canned Tuna ( protein ) + 1/2 Avocado ( fat ) + Whole Grain Toast ( Carbohydrate ) + Vegetable Sticks ( Vegetables )

Garbanzo Beans ( protein ) + Brown Rice ( Carbohydrate ) + 1/2 Avocado ( Fat ) + Salad ( Vegetable )

Chicken Breast ( Protein ) + Olive Oil ( fat ) + Salad ( Vegetable ) + Garbanzo Beans ( carbohydrate )


Salmon ( protein ) + Brown Rice ( carbohydrate )  + Roasted Asparagus in Olive Oil ( fat & vegetable )

Ground Chicken ( protein ) + Brown Rice ( carbohydrate ) + Spaghetti Squash ( vegetable ) + Tomato Sauce in Olive Oil ( fat )

Chicken Breast ( protein ) + Baked Potato ( carbohydrate ) + Salad ( vegetable ) + Olive Oil Dressing ( fat )

I eat a very simple, wholesome & nutritious diet. To add flavor I love adding spices, herbs & lemon or lime juice to my meals. These are just a few ideas, but feel free to experiment! I love mixing up my meals and eating a variety or fruits, vegetables, etc!

Hope this has helped, let me know if you have any questions and please leave any suggestions for my next blog post!

Rachelle xx.



My Top 5 Non-Negotiable Health/Wellness Tips


Yellow Blouse – similar HERE

Denim Shorts – HERE

White Sneakers – HERE

Purse – HERE

I am a huge advocate for health and wellness. Nutrition, physical well-being & mental health are all very important topics to me. On top of those I believe that reaching a sustainable balance in your life is extremely important and taking consideration for our environment and the impact that we are having on our ecosystem should be considered more.

Here are my top 5 tips for attaining & maintaining a healthy, holistic lifestyle:

 Eat Mindfully 

This means no distractions while you are eating! No cell phones, TV, books etc, anything that will distract you from enjoying your meal. Sit down at a table, properly breath between bites and remember to chew your food. Creating a peaceful, enjoyable environment when you are eating greatly helps to improve digestion.

30 Minutes of Stress Free Time Everyday

In today’s day and age we are constantly on the go! We wear our stress & our busy schedules like a badge of honor. Although we all have responsibilities in our lives, taking just 30 minutes of your day to stay off your phone and be present with yourself can be vital for both mental and physical health. Read a book, journal, go for a nature walk or simply practice yoga, anything that will keep you calm and relaxed.

Eat a Balanced Diet

No restrictions, counting or craziness! Simply eating natural, wholefoods is the best “diet” anyone can be on. ( I will be going into building a healthy, balanced meal next week! ) If it comes in a package, don’t eat it.

Use Natural Products

Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs a large amount of what you put on it. The amount of chemicals found in things such as soaps, shampoos, makeup & house cleaners is absolutely disgusting! Opt for natural products such as Mineral Fusion, Pacifica, Jane Iredale, CurelleDesert Essence & Nature Clean!

Practice Self Love

As cliche as this might sound, self love is so important! When you are having a low period ( and we ALL get them ) try to remember how amazing you are, how much you accomplished and that nothing is more attractive than a good heart! Go into your 30 minutes of stress free time, avoid social media & mirrors, get out of your thinking mind. One thing that I have done which has helped me substantially is that I wrote a list of the 7 things I LOVE about myself & why. Whenever I start to feel down, I simply re-read that list, and it always helps me to feel better & more confident.

Lots of Love,

Rachelle xx.



Sustainable Fashion + My Wardrobe Essentials

Good Morning everyone! Today I wanted to discuss something that has become very important to me in the last few months: sustainable fashion. Ever since I quit being a full time “blogger” I have devoted much of my time and energy into researching how to live a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Looking into the ethical & environmental practices of many companies and becoming much more knowledgeable about the damaging effects that consumerism has had on the environment. Throughout this I have made an effort in cleaning out my closet so that it is much simpler, containing pieces that I know will last a long time and that I actually wear! I got rid of all the cheap things I purchased because they were “on-trend” and decided to invest more money into some wardrobe essentials. Here are some of my favorites:

T-Shirts – Paper Label

By far the best t-shirts I have ever owned! Designed and developed in the Vancouver, BC area these t-shirts are made from a super comfy & environmentally friendly fabric called Tencel. To learn more about the company & to shop their collection click HERE

Purses – XNIHILO 

I was introduced to this amazing Australian company over a year ago when they reached out to me for a collaboration. I instantly fell in love with their simple yet stunning designs, but when I learnt that the company was PETA certified, my respect for them grew immensely! This means that the leather used in the creation of these handbags does not support the slaughterhouses or animal cruelty. On top of that, this super company works with ethical suppliers, where the employees are treated properly. Check them out HERE

Jeans – Levi’s

This girl loooooves her Levi’s. They are the only jeans I have been able to find that actually fit my rather funny body shape & are super comfortable. When I started researching companies and their sustainability practices I was really worried that Levi’s wouldn’t do very good, but according to Good On You ( an amazing resource for checking the environmental, ethical & sustainable practices of companies ) Levi’s got a pretty good rating. On top of that, according to the Levis Website they are working towards implementing even more practices for the better. I can attest that these jeans last forever, definitely a sound investment in any wardrobe!

Sneakers – KOIO Collective 

This is another company that I have had the privilege of working with in the past. I have had these sneakers for close to two years and they are still going strong! Are they pricey? Yes. Is it worth is? 100%! These sneakers are designed and manufactured in Italy, they make sure that their designers and manufactures are provided with ethical working conditions and as mentioned before these shoes are long lasting and very comfortable. Check them out HERE

As I continue to investigate & learn about the fast fashion industry and the effects that it can have on not only the environment but on humans as well, the less I want to contribute to such a problem. I am by no means perfect, I cut corners all the time and am still learning, but by being more conscious of the situation I have been able to make better decisions.

I hope that this blog post has been able to help, it is not at all sponsored by any of these companies. I just wish to shed some light on something I think so many people ignore.

Rachelle xx.


Life Lately


White T-Shirt – HERE

Striped Trousers – similar HERE

Vans –HERE

A little life update on things I am absolutely loving!

Currently Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I haven’t read any Nicholas Sparks books in so long but I have been loving his easy and effortless writing style! The perfect summer read.

Currently Watching: Murdoch Mysteries, Friends & The Adventures of Jade on YouTube!

Current Workout: I started doing the Kayla Itsines BBG Guide a couple of weeks back and I am obsessed! Can’t believe I haven’t started it sooner! I also walk 3-4x per week and have a semi regular yoga practice ( aka when I feel like it )

Current Obsession: Kale. Strange I know but I can’t seem to get enough of it lately! I have been adding it to my scrambled eggs in the morning, my salads & rice bowls, even pasta! Love it!

Hope you enjoyed this little read!


Summer Simplicity


Levi’s Denim Jacket – HERE

White Eyelet Dress -similar HERE

Grey Sneakers – similar HERE

Status Anxiety Purse – HERE

Easy like a summer morning;  simple white dress paired with a classic denim jacket and a good old pair of sneakers.

Feminine & Floral


Aritzia Dress – HERE

Status Anxiety Bag – HERE

White Sneakers – similar HERE

Feeling feminine in this beautiful floral dress that I paired with a simple pink purse from Status Anxiety, completing the outfit with my trusty white sneakers.

A Simple Summer Sun Dress


Yellow Sun Dress – similar HERE, HERE & HERE

White Sneakers – similar HERE

I don’t know if you can tell by now, but this is by far my favorite dress in my wardrobe. I’ve already styled it two other times on my blog HERE & HERE and you better believe I will be styling it even more in the future. I’m really trying to economize my wardrobe, getting rid of pieces I don’t wear all that often and investing in pieces I will wear all the time. No longer am I afraid of outfit repeating or being caught in the same piece twice, because I realized the only people that care about that stuff is other bloggers. Not only is it better for my bank account but it is also better for the environment. Investing in high quality pieces that will last a couple of years is better than buying cheap and having it wear out in a few months. Although yes, this dress was purchased from Forever 21 it has held up pretty good, considering I bought it last year.

Rachelle xx.