A Grizzly Bear in Whistler

bear sketch2

One of my most cherished childhood memories was from when we and my family took a trip up to Whistler, BC, Canada a few years back. It was my first time in the small mountain town and it reminded me a lot of Banff, it is your typical small mountain town full of friendly people, good food and amazing views. My family and I were staying at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler which is situated at the very base of the Blackcomb Mountain, one morning we ( excluding my dad who had a business meeting ) went for an early morning swim at the beautiful outdoor pool. As we were splashing around and having fun I look up to the side of the mountain situated just outside the fence of the pool and I see a mother Grizzly Bear and her cub. As we were in the pool we did not have our camera with us, so sadly I have no photo to prove what I am stating but the memory will forever be vivid in my mind. It was just one of those picture perfect, once in a life time moments that you will always remember. I am still so grateful for being able to witness something so wild and free as a Grizzly Bear, and even more humbled by the fact that I was able to see her cub.

I haven’t been back to Whistler since then, but I hope that one day I will be able to return. And maybe, just maybe I will be able to see my old friend again.

Joy xx.

End of Autumn


It is official, autumn has ended in Western Canada. Yup, on Monday I woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow blanketing my front yard. I spent the morning curled up on the couch with a cup of Hot Chocolate and watched the snowflakes fall down to the ground. Obviously with the snow falling I felt a little festive and indulged in listening to a little Christmas music and I may have watched my first Christmas movie of the season. Unfortunately ( or fortunately, depending on how you view winter ) it stopped snowing by mid morning and there is no trace of any snow on the ground today. Although it may seem early to some, snow falling in the first week of November, it is actually quite late by Alberta standards and I must admit I was rather excited watching the fluffy snow flakes cascade down to earth as I was able to enjoy some Christmas festivities, which has only made me even more excited and impatient about the upcoming season.

Joy xx.

Thank You.


Dear Readers,

Thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog posts. Thank you for supporting me, for loving me, and for praising me.Thank you for all of your kind words.

I love all of you.

The amount of support and love that I have received is unbelievable and I feel so blessed, I am truly grateful for each and everyone one of you.

I hope that everyone takes a little bit of time today ( even if you are not celebrating thanksgiving ) to thank all of the people that have supported you, loved you and have been there for you, even the smallest act of gratitude can make someones day.

All my love,

Joy xx.

A Cute Little Cottage

sunday sketch2

I tend to draw with an extremely light hand, so I apologize if you can not clearly see this drawing of mine.

This cute little cottage is basically my dream home, I would love to live in a small house surrounded by nature that just feels comfy and cozy. I would have have a small garden in my front yard with a bird bath and bird feeders so I can watch them fly freely in the morning sun, the colour of the shutters and the door would match ( probably a white or a pale blue ) and I would have a white picket fence surrounding my yard that is overgrown with the wild flowers that grow near my home. My house would be situated far enough away from others as to have privacy, but close enough to be able to pop on by for a cup of coffee or a nice chat. The interior would have a rustic feel, filled with cozy blankets, wood furniture and little knick-knacks here and there. I would have floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with various genres of both books and movies, a fireplace would be standing ready and waiting for the first winter frost and the place will always smell like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and coffee.

Joy xx.

Pumpkin Patch

sunday sketch9 [53402]

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend so far! Take the day to focus a little bit on yourself and rest up for a productive week ahead.

Lots of love,

Joy xx.

Sunday Sketch 09.27.15

goldfinch Growing up in Ontario we always planted sunflowers in the garden behind our house. This time of year they were always in full bloom, and the little gold finches would fly around and eat the seeds, play in the trees behind our house. Sadly though, since moving out west, the sunflowers fail to grow, and I have never seen a gold finch in my neck of the woods. So I must be satisfied with my memories of the beautiful golden birds flying around my garden and wish that one day a goldfinch will land on the feeder outside my window.

Joy xx.