Denim Jacket & White Jeans

Springtime Layering: Denim Jacket & White JeansUnpublished Denim Jacket, Blue Striped Button Up, Grey V-Neck Sweater, White Jeans, White Cross-body Purse


Denim Jacket c/o Unpublished Denim – Here

Banana Republic Striped Button Up Similar Here, Here & Here

Bluenotes Grey Knit Sweater* – Similar Here & Here

 American Eagle White Jeans – Similar Here

Adidas White Sneakers – Here

Hieleven White Cross Body Bag* – Here

Still rocking that layered up look, but this time with my brand new and absolutely beautiful Denim Jacket courtesy of Unpublished! Here I styled it in a preppy casual sort of way by pairing it with a classic combination of a button up underneath a sweater. Instead of rocking that whole denim on denim trend I opted for a pair of white skinny jeans and of course I had to complete this outfit with my forever favorite Adidas All White Superstars and this gorgeous White Purse!

Joy xx.


Springtime Layering: Pink Sweater & Leather Jacket

Spring Time Layering, Pink Sweater & Leather JacketWhite Button Up, Pink Knit Sweater, Leather Jacket, White Purse, Grey Skinny Jeans, Black Ankle boots

Outfit Details, Fashion, Layering, Necklaces


 LOCK Crossbody Bag c/o Hieleven – Here

Moto Leather Jacket – Similar Here & Here

Pink Knit – Similar Here & Here

Sheer White Button Up – Similar Here

Grey Skinny Jeans – Similar Here

Black Ankle Boots – Here

Necklaces c/o Jazaar Jewelry – Here/Here

Just because it is spring doesn’t mean the weather is warming up here in Canada, in fact it’s doing the exact opposite and snowing….not exactly spring weather but pretty non the less.

Using the snow as an opportunity to test out my layering skills, I styled a Sheer White Button Up underneath a beautiful Pink Knit Sweater and a Leather Jacket ( not exactly snow proof but I am so over wearing coats ). Instead of my go-to Blue Jeans I opted for a pair of Grey Skinnies and completed the outfit with some basic Black Ankle Boots and my new Hieleven Lock Cross Body Bag!

Joy xx.

Wish Gold Choker by Paquita Ruby

Wish Choker


Wish Choker c/o Paquita Ruby – Here

I should be studying…but I keep getting distracted by pretty things like this beautiful Wish Choker by Paquita Ruby!

Pacquita Ruby was founded by the beautiful Jerrinice in London, England and features a variety of fun and flirty jewelry pieces. Everything from Chokers, to Necklaces to Earrings to Bracelets Pacquita Ruby offers everything for everyone and for every occasion!

Joy xx.

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*this post is in collaboration with Pacquita Ruby, all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own*

Grey Cardigan, White Jeans & Converse Sneakers

Grey Cardigan, White Jeans & Converse SneakersGrey Cardigan, Grey Striped T-Shirt, White Jeans, Bucket Bag

Simple Spring Outfit


Grey Cardigan – Similar Here / Here / Here

Striped T-shirt – Similar Here & Here

White Jeans – Here

Converse Sneakers – Here

Bucket Bag – Here

From wearing all black to wearing a lighter color palette, I’m really just dressing to fit the strange spring weather we have been experiencing here n Alberta. Monday was snowing, Tuesday was chilly and today it’s sunny….anyone experiencing strange weather patterns like this?

I love spring because it gives me a chance to dive into my closet and pull out pieces that haven’t seen the sun since last summer, like for instance this pair of White Jeans! I styled them in a simple manner ( but really what outfit of mine isn’t simple? ) by pairing them with a softer, monochromatic palette. I threw on a Cozy Cardigan to keep me warm and a classic Striped T-Shirt to add a bit of dimension to this rather plain look. To complete the outfit I threw on some comfy Converse Sneakers and of course my go-to Bucket Bag!

Joy xx.

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A Classic All Black Outfit

A Classic All Black OutfitBlack Leather Backpack, Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Backpack, Black Leather Jacket


Danier Leather JacketSimilar Here

Garage Black Long Sleeve – Similar Here

Western Style Belt – Similar Here

Mavi Jeans – Here

Thursday Boot Co. Black Ankle Boots – Here

Black Rucksack – Similar Here

It’s a busy time of year for all of us, school is finishing up, we have deadlines to meet and we are all trying to get ready for the summer season that is ahead (aka frantically hitting the gym as we realize maybe that extra piece of cake at Christmas wasn’t such a good idea). So during busy times like this resorting to a classic combination of an all black outfit is totally fair game! Plus I hear black is slimming…

I styled my Leather Jacket with a simple Black Knit Top and a pair of Ripped Denim Skinny Jeans. To add a bit of dimension to this outfit I threw on my Western Style Belt and completed the outfit with a simple Black Rucksack to carry all of my necessities!

Joy xx.

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Khaki Bomber Jacket & Converse Sneakers

Khaki Bomber Jacket & Converse SneakersKhaki Bomber Jacket, Striped T-Shirt, Girlfriend Jeans

Spring Fashion


Khaki Bomber Jacket – Similar Here

Striped T-Shirt – Here

Girlfriend Jeans – Here

Converse Dainty Sneakers – Here

Tan Cross body Bag – Here

Getting ready for the weekend ahead with a casual and comfy outfit perfect for the rainy days ahead. Styling a Khaki Bomber Jacket with a classic combination of a Striped T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and a pair of Converse Sneakers!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Joy xx.

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